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Bio Stimulants

Bio Stimulants

DIAMIN® and AMINOPOOL® plant bio-stimulants are liquid and water-soluble organic compounds obtained by hydrolysis of natural proteins. BIO-PROTAN® products are characterized by their natural balanced amino acid composition and the richness in biological active free amino acids.

As well as being recommended as a foliar bio-stimulant to counteract plant stress situations, BIO-PROTAN® products can also be used to improve the leaf absorption of microelement fertilizers. BIO-PROTAN® bio-stimulants are advised for a foliar application, nevertheless the fertigation use in small doses has demonstrated a relevant biological activity.

BIO-PROTAN® bio-stimulants comply with European Commission Regulation 889/2008/EC (Bio-Regulation) and USDA/NOP Standard for biological agriculture products.

Several liquid formulations are available in both powder and microgranules form.

Granulate peptides and free amino acids
Dust free granules with reduced hygroscopicity. Fully water soluble. Highest concentration of biological active free amino acids.
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