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Product key points

  • Liquid foliar and soil fertilizer for a natural and balanced plant nutrition with native nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K)
  • With betaine and natural yeast protein
  • For plant grow stimulation with biological active free-amino acids
  • Free of chemical additives, genetically modified raw materials and synthetic amino acids
  • “Made in Germany”
  • Product suitable for use in Organic Farming

Values given have to be seen within natural deviations and analytical tolerance.Analysis by HPLC method.

Product description

BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal is a liquid fertilizer made of organic acids and essential macro- and micro-elements resulting from the hydrolysis and fermentation of plant extracts.

The product contains many beneficial ingredients like amino acids, humic substances (humic and fulvic acid), betaine, vitamins, auxins and microelements. All this natural substances are right available for the plant, guaranteeing a high nutritional value and a plant-strengthening efficacy without leaching losses.

BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal applied by foliar spray acts as bio-stimulant and supports plant recovery during climatic and biotic stress. The foliar application of exogenous amino acids (originating outside of the plant organism) helps the plant to save precious energy otherwise used for the synthesis and translocation of endogenous amino acids.

We also recommend the foliar use of BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal for a successful and complementary support to the absorption of mineral fertilizers and nutrients naturally present in the soil.

The regular application of BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal in fertigation favours microbial flora (Azotobacter / Pseudomonas) and improves the texture and structure of the soil. Increased fine root growth and a balanced crop development will raise the quality and quantity of your agricultural production. Betaine acid contained in the product is very helpful during drought periods for its function as organic osmolytes1.

BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal is free from any chemical components that could be harmful to the soil and crops.

1 Osmolytes are substances synthesized or taken up by cells from the environment for the protection against stress situations (Osmotic stress, drought, high salinity or high temperature).

Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)

Organic matter 50%
Organic acids:
Humic substances 20%
Amino acids 15%
Betain acid 8%
Nitrogen (N) 5%
Organic Carbon (C) 22%
Minerals 6%
Organic Potassium (K2O) 4%
Calcium (CaO) 0,4%
Sulphur (S) 0,8%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 0,1%
Magnesium (MgO) 0,1%
Ash 6%
Water 38%
Total 100%
pH-value 5,0 - 6,0
Density 1,30 kg/L

Directions for use

We recommend BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal for soil and foliar application.

ml/hl H2O / application
L/ha / application
(1% concentration)
20 – 30 L/ha
(2-3% concentration)
RECOMMENDED DOSAGE 300-500 ml/hl 10 – 20 L (1.000 ml/100L)
once/week up to 2 - 5 times
Vegetables 2 - 5 applications 2 - 5 applications
Fruit, strawberries, vineyard 2 applications;
before and after flowering
2 applications;
before and after flowering
Flowers 2 applications;
do not spray on top of the flowers
2 applications;
do not spray on top of the flowers

Dilute BIO-PROTAN® N5 Vegetal before using it on plants. For drip irrigation systems ask for special recommendations. In case of inexperienced handling, we recommend a preliminary test on small areas before extending the treatment to the entire culture. The dosages advised are purely indicative and may vary depending on crop, crop vegetative cycle, climatic conditions and average yields expected.

Handling and storage

BIO-PROTAN®N5 Vegetal is stable when stored under normal undiluted conditions. Intended for immediate use when diluted. Close package properly after use. Shake well before use.


Size Units/pallet Pallet dim. [cm] Net weight Gross weight
1.000 L/1.300 kg IBC 120 x 100 x H120 1.300 kg 1.360 kg
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