Competence in
natural raw materials
from renewable

Protan AG
active since 1993 ...

... in the production and marketing of native proteins, gelatines and protein hydrolysates.

The business concept of the company arises from the skills and ability to convert natural proteins and industrial by-products into reevaluated raw materials.

Since 2004 Protan AG is specialized in the area of organic plant strengtheners processed by controlled hydrolysis2 of natural protein. The collaboration and know-how share within the network of the most important European organic compound recyclers is the basis for this major activity field: the manufacture and sale of organic nitrogen compounds and raw materials for the industrial formulation of crop nutrients and bio-stimulants.

BIO-PROTAN®‘s brand and product range meets the requirements of the steady growing and high expecting biological agriculture market.
BIO-PROTAN® hydrolysed proteins are water-soluble and each product is developed to meet specific requirements for fertigation, hydroponics and foliar nutrition.

In addition to the standard range of products, Protan AG is also able to fulfill our customer’s own specific needs by offering tailor-made solutions.

Protan AG (based in Liechtenstein, specialized in marketing, purchase and logistic know-how), Fritz Häcker GmbH + Co. KG (German leader in the production of technical gelatines), ILSA-Group SpA (the leading Italian company in the production of organic fertilizers), Landlab S.r.l. (Italy, R&D services for the organic farming industry and low impact agriculture), Otentic logistics B.V. (Netherlands, specialist for transhipment and fertilizer storage), Coma y Ribas S.L. (Spain, specialist for fertilizer transport and storage).

Together we know how to produce, apply and distribute organic plant nutrients and plant strengtheners3.

2Hydrolysis (/haɪˈdrɒlɨsɪs/: from Greek hydro-, meaning "water", and lysis, meaning "separation") means the cleavage of chemical bonds by the addition of water.

3"Bio stimulants" and "plant strengtheners" are used as synonyms on this internet site and all attached documents.

Your first choice
BIO-PROTAN® is your best choice because ...

Our strong market position is due to our expertise and skilled knowledge in extracting & refining natural raw materials from natural resources ... but it does not stop there!! In addition to this, we give you a cast iron guarantee that:

Made in Europe – our pride!

All our products are produced in Europe with European raw materials.

Our philosophy: Only natural hydrolyzed proteins

Enzymatic hydrolysis is a natural, gentle and smooth production technique. As a result of this differentiation to the widely used chemical hydrolysis of proteins, in some countries only enzymatic hydrolysis is allowed in bio-farming. The chemical process (acid or base hydrolysis) is regarded as a strong intervention in the natural characteristics of the raw material and not in accordance with the biological farming philosophy. The expert group, assigned by the European Commission for the evaluation of hydrolyzed proteins to be included in the annex I of the Commission Regulation 889/2008/EC, states that hydrolyzed proteins are in line with the objectives, criteria and principles of European organic farming only with some restrictions: “chemical hydrolysis only exceptionally acceptable in cases where it is required by Regulation 142/2011/EC”

The same initial situation applies to the use of synthesis amino acids extracted by acid hydrolysis or produced by industrial biotechnology. Some accredited bio-certification agencies are strictly rejecting the use of synthesis amino acids (free lysine, glycine, etc.) in biological farming.

For the afore mentioned reasons and without exception, all of Protan AG formulations presented in the BIO-PROTAN® product range are produced by enzymatic hydrolysis or base hydrolysis without the addition of synthesis amino acids. Consequently and differently from the rest of the market, we can demonstrate the natural character of our products by supplying an aminogram of total and free amino acids with each batch leaving the factory.

your products - our philosophy

Our commitment: Top quality and safety first

We guarantee safety and constant top quality of our products according to the specified Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Our production processes are compliant with European production and safety requirements. Raw materials and production processes are constantly controlled and approved by veterinary authorities according to European Regulation 1670/2002/EC and audited yearly by independent authorities for the observance and compliance to the Commission Regulation 889/2008/EC (Bio-Regulation). We check the quality of each single batch in our laboratories. To maintain our high quality standards we cross check randomly with external approved laboratories.

Our promise: Competitive Pricing & Stability

Despite the ever increasing cost of agricultural commodities in the last years, the pricing of our products have remained constant, but most importantly - stable. We perform hydrolysis, spray drying, packing and analysis of our products in the same location. Our logistics and customer service provides smooth operations and prompt deliveries by using a network of strong international operating transport companies all over the world. Without exception, we find the most competitive transport offer for you. We do not have a margin on transport service of our logistic partners. The lean manufacturing and logistics together with the sourcing of raw materials in the near surroundings of the production plants add a considerable advantage to the final cost of our products and for the benefit of all our customers.

Our Customer Service Ethos: Punctuality, Reliability and Economical Feasibility

Customer service is a high priority for us as our customers are always welcomed and important! Well-organized and efficient business processes ensure quick and reliable responses to our customer’s needs. Constant customer satisfaction is one of our primary concern, which we endeavour to maintain by regular inspection, identification and implementation of improvements.

The quality of our products along with the competitiveness of our offers and services are often copied but never bettered or matched!

Protan AG
Runkelsstrasse 38, FL-9495 Triesen
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