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Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture conforming to the annexes of the (CE) regulation n° 834/2007 and 889/2008. Inspected by ECOCERT SA F - 32600


Product key points

  • Water soluble Potassium proteinate for a natural and balanced plant nutrition with organic Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K)
  • 15 % free amino acids guaranteed, no synthesis amino acids
  • To support plant stress resistance, increase sugar content and improve fruit quality
  • Low chloride content
  • “Made in the European Union”
  • Certified to 889/2008/EC (European Bio-Regulation)

Values given have to be seen within natural deviations and analytical tolerance.Analysis by HPLC method.

Product description

BIO-PROTAN®NPK 9-0-16 is a compound of potassium and organic molecules produced by hydrolysis of natural protein. The free amino acid molecules are able to penetrate rapidly through the leaf cuticle and roots and transport potassium inside the vegetal tissues. The unique formulation with amino acids (the “building blocks” from which organic proteins are made) helps to prevent potassium deficiency stimulating simultaneously the metabolism of the plant. Amino acids and potassium absorbed by the plant leafs and tissues are ready to be used for the production of protein, sugar and enzymes increasing vegetative activity, plant stress resistance and quality of the agricultural production.

We recommend the regular use of BIO-PROTAN®NPK 9-0-16 during specific phenological stages like flowering, fruit set and fruit ripening. The foliar application of exogenous amino acids is also very helpful under adverse environmental conditions and helps the plant to save the energy otherwise used for the synthesis and translocation of endogenous amino acids. BIO-PROTAN®NPK 9-0-16 is indicated to overcome environmental stress (transplanting, cold, salinity, drought and hail) and to increase the sugar brix content on edible fruits crops (strawberry, melon, peach, apple, pear, table and vine grapes). A regular use of the product helps to improve fruit set and quality in terms of colour, ripeness and durability.

BIO-PROTAN®NPK 9-0-16 is made with organic protein and crystalline potassium sulphate, both registered for biological agriculture. The product is suitable for the use in foliar and soil application due to its high purity and complete water solubility. BIO-PROTAN® potassium proteinate is free from any chemical components that could be harmful to the soil and crops.

Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)

Organic nitrogen 9,0%
Ammonium nitrogen 0,5%
Total nitrogen (N) 9,5%
Organic carbon (C) 32%
Potassium (K2O) 16%
Complexing agents
Total amino acids 65%
Free amino acids 15%
Total amino acid / peptides min. 640 g/kg
pH-value (1:10) 5,5 - 6,5
Density 350 - 400 kg/m3

Directions for use

L/ha / application
L/ha / application
All crops Whenever a stressful situation occurs and at critical times such as sprouting crop, fruit set, fruit development, etc. 300 g/hL 3 kg/ha (anti stress)
Fruit trees, olive grove, wine and table grape From pre-flowering to fruit enlargement, 2-4 applications every 10-15 days 3-4 kg/ha 5-10 kg/ha
Vegetable and industrial crops From fruit set to ripening every 7-10 days 2-3 kg/ha 4-8 kg/ha
Greenhouse crops From fruit set to fruit enlargement (vegetable crops) or during the whole crop cycle (leafy vegetables and flower crops), 2-4 applications every 10-15 days 200-300 g/hL 4-8 kg/ha

Dilute BIO-PROTAN®NPK 9-0-16 before using it on plants. In case of inexperienced handling we recommend a preliminary test on small areas before extending the treatment to the entire culture. The dosages advised are purely indicative and may vary depending on crop, crop vegetative cycle, climatic conditions and average yields expected.

In the greenhouse and when mixed with sulphur and trace elements apply the lowest recommended dose.

With the exception of the olive grove avoid use in conjunction with copper, stannous, sulphur based products and mineral oils since the combination with free amino acids improves the absorption rate and can result in phytotoxicity.

Handling and storage

  • Dry and cool storage recommended. Close properly the bag after use to avoid material caking.
  • Shelf life in well-closed original packaging min. 2 years.


Size Units/pallet Pallet dim. [cm] Net weight Gross weight
20 kg 30 bags/pal. 120 x 100 x H200 600 kg 620 kg
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