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Product key points

  • Water soluble organic nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation and foliar application
  • For a balanced plant nutrition with biological active amino acids
  • 14% organic Nitrogen (N) guaranteed
  • Increases root mass and plant vitality improving harvest quality and quantity
  • Acts as a growth stimulator during plant stress situations
  • “Made in the European Union”
  • Product suitable for use in Organic Farming

Aminogram PROTAN®N14
Values given have to be seen within natural deviations and analytical tolerance.Analysis by HPLC method.

Product description

PROTAN®N14 is an organic fertilizer obtained by hydrolysis of natural protein (collagen). The production process guarantees the presence of all essential amino acids and a high organic nitrogen content (N >14%) consisting only of amino acid nitrogen.

We recommend the use of PROTAN®N14 as organic nitrogen fertilizer for soil and leaf application. The combination with other water-soluble fertilizers and almost all commercial plant protection agents enhances the treatment efficacy.

Use PROTAN®N14 as water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation (drip irrigation) and conventional soil application for the very high content of organic Nitrogen (Norg). PROTAN®N14 supports photosynthesis and sugar production, resulting in a quality and quantity increase in fruit growth.

PROTAN®N14 natural “colla-gen”1 viscosity recommends a leaf application as natural wetting enhancer and natural foliar protection. Use the product during drought periods to reduce water loss by transpiration (film-forming effect). We generally recommended PROTAN®N14 during climatic or biotic stress situations. Amino acids are absorbed by leafs and roots very easily and quickly. Transferred to the plant tissues they act as stimulants and support a fast plant recovery. The application of exogenous amino acids (by foliar spray) helps the plant to save precious energy otherwise used for the synthesis and translocation of endogenous amino acids.

PROTAN®N14 supports the absorption of minerals fertilizers and nutrients naturally present in the soil. Beyond that, amino acids are natural chelates as well; combined with trace element fertilizers (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) they improve the foliar and soil absorption of micro-elements.

1 The name collagen comes from the Greek κόλλα (kólla), meaning "glue", and suffix -γέν, -gen, denoting "producing". This refers to the compound's early use in the process of boiling the skin and sinews of horses and other animals to obtain glue.

Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)

Organic matter 90%
Organic nitrogen 14,50%
Ammonium nitrogen < 0,50%
Ureic nitrogen < 0,01%
Total nitrogen (N) 15%
Organic carbon (C) 45%
Total amino acids 90%
Ash 9%
Water 3%
Total 100%
Density 350-400 kg/m³

Directions for use

We recommend PROTAN®N14 for soil application (fertigation, drip irrigation and hydroponic watering systems) accompanied by foliar application to support soil fertilizer and during stress periods. Dilute PROTAN®N14 before using it on plants. The use as a nutritive or bio-stimulant solution requires different application dosages.

g/hl H2O / application
g/m3 H2O / application
(up to 15% of total Nitrogen demand)
2,5 kg – 3,0 kg/hl 5-10 kg/ha
once/week up to 6 - 8 times
25-50 g/m3
over vegetative plant activity
BIO-STIMULATION 200-250 g/hl
once/week up to 5 - 6 times
2-2,5 kg once/week
up to 5 - 6 times
NATURAL CHELATES 150 g/hl with microelement deficiency corrector 1-1,5 kg with microelement deficiency corrector
ANTI STRESS 250 g/hl just after the event and again a few days later 2,5 kg just after the event and again a few days later

With the exception of the olive grove where the product can be associated with copper and copper based fungicides, avoid mixtures with compounds incline to strong alkaline reaction, oil-based insecticides, polysulphides and compounds based on sulphur, tin and copper.

In case of inexperienced handling we recommend a preliminary test on small areas before extending the treatment to the entire culture. The dosages advised are purely indicative and may vary depending on crop, crop vegetative cycle, climatic conditions and average yields expected.

Handling and storage

Close properly the bag after use to avoid material caking. Keep product in dry and cool conditions.


PROTAN®N14 is available in neutral paper bag with synthetic inner layer or aluminium bag with synthetic inner layer.

Size Units/pallet Pallet dim. [cm] Net weight Gross weight
1 kg * 180/Pallet box 120 x 80 x H100 180 kg 206 kg
3 kg * 72/Pallet box 120 x 80 x H100 216 kg 242 kg
5 kg * 56/Pallet box 120 x 80 x H100 280 kg 305 kg
10 kg 50 bags/pal. 120 x 100 x H180 500 kg 550 kg
15 kg 30 bags/pal. 120 x 100 x H200 450 kg 500 kg
20 kg 30 bags/pal. 120 x 100 x H200 600 kg 650 kg

* ... aluminium bag

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