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Product key points

  • Organic compound for a balanced plant nutrition with biological active amino acids and peptides
  • Enzymatic hydrolyzed natural protein with 80% L-amino acids
  • 9% organic Nitrogen (N) guaranteed
  • Low chloride (Cl-) content
  • „Made in the European Union”
  • Product suitable for use in Organic Farming

Aminogram DIAMIN®BE
Values given have to be seen within natural deviations and analytical tolerance.Analysis by HPLC method.

Product description

DIAMIN®BE is a liquid organic compound produced by hydrolysis of natural regenerative collagen protein. The indulgent enzymatic hydrolysis keeps the natural characteristic of the protein intact and guarantees the presence of all essential biological active amino acids in left-handed form (L-amino acids). The production process is fully automated and controlled in order to obtain a homogeneous product of highest possible purity. DIAMIN®BE is entirely made of natural peptides and amino acids without the addition of any synthesis amino acids. The product combines a high concentration of organic nitrogen and carbon with the lowest possible chloride (Cl-) and heavy metals content.

DIAMIN®BE remarkably high concentration of organic nitrogen is completely water-soluble and directly available for the plant guarantying a high nutritional value without leaching losses. All plants in general do respond well to the applications of enzymatic hydrolysed amino acids. The high content of L-amino acids and the natural balanced amino acid composition of DIAMIN®BE increase root growth and support a balanced crop development, improving harvest quality and quantity.

Beyond the positive influence on the vegetative development of the plant, DIAMIN®BE amino acids help preventing and correcting micronutrient deficiencies by improving the soil retention and root absorption of microelements. Amino acids and short chain peptides act as natural chelates and carriers when applied in combination with trace element fertilizers on the root. The chelating effect with certain amino acids such as glycine enables cation microelements like Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese and Copper to „ligate” (link) with amino acids, form a metal complex and be more easily assimilated by the root. The natural chelate and carrier properties of amino acids counteract leaching losses of microelements, enhance efficacy and reduce the application doses of microelement fertilizers.

DIAMIN®BE is made with natural, officially certified European raw materials. As a pure and natural protein it is free from any chemical components that could be harmful to the soil and crops.

We also recommend DIAMIN®BE for hydroponic watering systems, because of the neutral odour, complete water-solubility and absence of any precipitation that could clog filters and nozzles of the irrigation system.

Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)

Organic matter min. 56%
Organic nitrogen 9%
Ammonium nitrogen < 0,1%
Ureic nitrogen < 0,1%
Total nitrogen (N) 9%
Organic carbon (C) 25%
Total amino acids 56%
Ash 4%
Chlorides (Cl-) max. 1,3%
Water 40%
Total 100%
Total amino acid / Peptides min. 670 g/L
pH-value 5 - 6
Density 1,21 kg/L

Directions for use

DIAMIN®BE is recommended for fertigation, localized soil irrigation and hydroponic watering systems. The use of the product as a nutritive or bio-stimulant solution requires different application dosages:

ml/hl H2O / application
L/ha / application
ml/m3 H2O / application
ORGANIC NUTRITION (up to 15 % of total Nitrogen demand) 10 – 20 L
once/week up to 6-8 times
50 – 100 ml/m3
over vegetative plant activity
once/week / 5-6 times
5 – 10 ml/m3
over vegetative plant activity
NATURAL CHELATORS 2 – 3 L together with
deficiency corrector
ANTI-STRESS 5 L just after the event
and again a few days later

With the exception of the olive grove where the product can be associated with copper and copper based fungicides, avoid mixtures with compounds incline to strong alkaline reaction, oil-based insecticides, polysulphides and compounds based on sulphur, tin and copper.

Dilute DIAMIN®BE before using it on plants. In case of inexperienced handling we recommend a preliminary test on small areas before extending the treatment to the entire culture. The dosages advised are purely indicative and may vary depending on crop, crop vegetative cycle, climatic conditions and average yields expected.

Handling and storage

DIAMIN®BE is stable when stored under normal undiluted conditions. The original product in the state in which it is delivered is hazard–free concerning the transmission of pathogens. Close package properly after the use. Avoid storage at direct sunlight to keep the natural light amber colour of the product.


Size Units/pallet Pallet dim. [cm] Net weight Gross weight
5 L / 6 kg 120 drums/pal. 120 x 80 x H160 750 kg 790 kg
20 L / 24 kg 48 drums/pal. 120 x 80 x H180 1.152 kg 1.220 kg
200 L / 240 kg 4 drums/pal. 114 x 114 x H105 960 kg 1.022 kg
1.200 kg 1.000 L IBC 120 x 100 x H120 1.200 kg 1.265 kg
24.000 kg in bulk 24.000 kg
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