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Product key points

  • Liquid proteinate with Boron complexed by biological active amino acids
  • Triple action: bio-stimulant, fertilizer and boron deficiency corrector
  • Rapid and efficient leaf penetration improves fruit set and formation of new vegetal tissues
  • “Made in the European Union”
  • Product suitable for use in Organic Farming

Product description

BIO-PROTAN®Boron is a liquid compound of boron and organic molecules obtained by hydrolysis of natural protein. The unique formulation with amino acids (the organic molecules and “building blocks” of protein) corrects boron deficiencies stimulating simultaneously the metabolism of the plant. BIO-PROTAN®Boron is a multifunctional product performing at the same time as fertilizer (organic nitrogen), bio-stimulant (free amino acids promote rapid recovery in the event of stress) and boron deficiency corrector.

BIO-PROTAN®Boron is suitable for foliar and soil application; however, we specially recommend a foliar spray because of the complexing and carrier properties of free amino acids formulated in the compound as they lead to the rapid and efficient leaf penetration of boron:

Amino acids are natural chelates able to ligate (“link”) with microelements and form a metal complex. Amino acids are also very effective in conveying the linked microelements through the cells to the sites of utilization, helping to overcome chemical and physical barriers of the leaf cuticle, the cell wall and the lymphatic system. Combining boron and amino acids in foliar spray solutions leads to an increase of treatment efficacy and reduces the fertilizer application dose.

BIO-PROTAN®Boron amino acids applied in soil within a particular pH range preserve boron mineral from insolubility and soil regression keeping it available in the metabolic form mainly used by the plant.

Boron plays an important role in the movement and metabolism of sugars in the plant, for the lignin formation of cell walls and the synthesis of plant hormones and nucleic acids. Boron is an element with little mobility inside the plant; BIO-PROTAN®Boron supply is therefore particularly helpful during times of maximum microelement demand whenever a rapid plant response is required. Boron proteinate provides the micronutrient with a high bioavailability and mobility increasing fruit set and fruit retention by the tree. We recommend the foliar application on sensible crops like grapevine and fruit plants during the pre-flowering period to support flowering and fruit setting.

BIO-PROTAN®Boron is homogeneous, fully water-soluble and without precipitation that could clog filters and nozzles of the irrigation system.

Guaranteed analysis (%w/w)

Organic nitrogen 3,3%
Ammonium nitrogen 0,2%
Total nitrogen (N) 3,5%
Organic carbon (C) 11%
Boron (B) 5%
Complexing agents
Total amino acids 22%
Total amino acid / peptides min. 265 g/L
pH-value (1:10) 6
Density 1,25 +/- 0,2 kg/L

Directions for use

L/ha / application
L/ha / application
Fruit trees, wine and table grape from pre-flowering to fruit enlargement,
2-4 applications every 10-15 days
2-3 L/ha 4-6 L/ha
Vegetable and industrial crops from fruit set to ripening every 7-10 days 2-3 L/ha 4-6 L/ha
Greenhouse crops from fruit set to fruit enlargement (vegetable crops) or during the whole crop cycle (leafy vegetables and flower crops), 2-4 applications every 10-15 days 150-200 ml/hl 4-6 L/ha

Dilute BIO-PROTAN®Boron before using it on plants. In case of inexperienced handling we recommend a preliminary test on small areas before extending the treatment to the entire culture. The dosages advised are purely indicative and may vary depending on crop, crop vegetative cycle, climatic conditions and average yields expected.

In the greenhouse and when mixed with sulphur and trace elements apply the lowest recommended dose.

With the exception of the olive grove avoid use in conjunction with copper, stannous, sulphur based products and mineral oils since the combination with free amino acids improves the absorption rate and can result in phytotoxicity.

Handling and storage

  • Undiluted product can be stored at room temperature and well-closed original packaging for minimum 2 years.
  • In the case of longer storage, shake well before use.


Size Units/pallet Pallet dim. [cm] Net weight Gross weight
5 L / 6 kg 120 drums/pal. 120 x 80 x H170 720 kg 790 kg
20 L / 24 kg 48 drums/pal. 120 x 100 x H140 1.152 kg 1.220 kg
200 L / 240 kg 4+4 drums/pal. 114 x 114 x H210 1.920 kg 2.030 kg
1.000 L / 1.200 kg IBC 120 x 80 x H120 1.200 kg 1.265 kg
24.000 kg in bulk 24.000 kg
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